1. xfromtheashesx:

    Ryan: Oh shit oh shit oh shit!!!
    MGK: Oh shit, bro!
    Ryan: *bail* *flail* *sticks the landing* (Me: 10 points!)
    Dude: Huh… *keeps walking like nothing happened*
    Ryan: Running off my painnn!!! *hugs pole* Shit!


  2. Due to issues at home its most likely this car will be gone by the weekend.

    Previous owner found my sale add and sent me this, fuckin mad shot… what a legend…. 


  3. captainfaynie:

    T E R R O R I S T S


  4. agerlotti:


    Foto: Donaldo Barros


  5. rough-days:

    need to see this car more often.

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  7. damahdi:

    There was Moses & then there was Goku

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  10. love-food:

    KFC Double Down Sandwich by JeepersMedia on Flickr.

    Via Flickr:
    KFC Double Down Sandwich with TWO Chicken Breasts with Sandwich Filling inside, With a Slice of Cheese, Strips of Bacon and Sauce! No Bread! ( 37 Pics in this Flickr Set ) Pics taken Sept 24, 2011 with Mike Mozart.